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Here at PLTA we offer Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, ABA Therapy services – as well as an inclusive Preschool (coming soon).

All at One Center!

All of these services are delivered at one location to make life easier for our families. When your child attends a center where all disciplines are available, it allows for consistency and generalization to take place. It also allows you to drive less, and allows your child to become familiar with our center faster.

A Team Who Cares

Having a cohesive therapy team is an imperative component to a child’s overall success. Our team leaders communicate and work together to create a comprehensive plan for your child, and while the therapies may be different in application, they’re all focused on growing your unique child’s abilities.

Inclusive Preschool + Therapies

One primary advantage of having all services and a preschool in one setting is the opportunity for your child to learn, play, and practice new skills with other children. Socialization in our mixed-ability preschool allows your child to play with neurotypical children, practice their therapeutic skills, and feel included. Likewise, it allows neurotypical children to learn empathy, kindness, and inclusion, too!

Parent Coaching Empowers You

When your child has delays, you may wonder how you can further their progress at home. But where to begin the research? Parent coaching is a service we believe sets us apart. In addition to the stellar therapy your children receive at PLTA, we offer parent coaching to help you understand your child better. This coaching also allows you to create systems, habits, and games that you can use at home to ensure your child’s success. These coaching sessions can also help you plan your child’s IEP or accommodations as they begin schooling.

PLTA Center

We create individualized treatment plans to support your child’s communication, social-emotional abilities, motor skills, and more.

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