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PLTA’s Speech Therapy professionals are dedicated to helping your child build their communication skills!

Communication is what connects us as humans. As parents we want to connect with our children, understand what they are saying, and support them through their challenges and frustrations. Speech therapy can help children express themselves! 

PLTA can help your child improve speech intelligibility, functional communication, and specific receptive/expressive language features.


We are thrilled to announce that PLTA is now vendorized with the Regional Center of the East Bay for Speech Therapy Services serving families with children under three.

If you are an RCEB client and you are seeking speech services, have your case manager reach out to us!

Our Frequently Asked Speech Therapy Questions

Waiting is a common misconception that many parents hear from their peers or family. The fact is that the sooner you address a speech delay, the sooner your child will catch up. During your free consultation, you can discuss your concerns with our director, a trained Speech Language Pathologist (SLP for short).

Our focus is on building skills for children with articulation/speech clarity, expressive and receptive language, helping late talkers, those with social communication disorders, and improving speech fluency for children with stuttering.

Yes! Our director, Claire, is a Hanen Certified Speech Language Pathologist (SLP).

Children who cannot communicate with their parents, peers, or friends struggle to have their needs met in many ways. Our speech therapy is designed to build your child’s skills so they can better navigate everyday conversations and social interactions. Whether they’re catching up on speech or improving the skills they already have, speech therapy is meant to build your child’s confidence!
Children 18 mos – 18 years can benefit from speech services!
Pediatric therapy is play! Children learn through play, and it helps your child’s brain focus when they’re engaged and having fun. Our Speech Therapy is play-based and filled with toys, games, books, and hands-on sensory activities. Most of our young clients do not know we are “working” on a specific speech or language skill, they just know they come to Speech and have fun!

Our Speech Therapy Team

Speech Language Pathologist & Director of PLTA

I have been practicing as a pediatric speech language pathologist in the East Bay for twelve years and am excited to offer these services at our unique San Leandro Center.

Prior to opening my practice, I worked for Oakland Unified School District and Kaiser Permanente. As a result, I have extensive experience assessing and supporting children’s communication from a functional, educational, and health-based perspective. I enjoy working with families of all backgrounds and specialize in bilingual and multicultural therapy, and family advocacy.

Additionally, as a faculty member in the Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences Department at California State University, East Bay, my practice welcomes student interns and volunteers who are training to become speech language pathologists.

Together, my team will work closely with your family to create a comprehensive treatment plan including direct intervention, home programs and parent coaching.

We look forward to meeting you!

Speech Language Pathologist & Director of Speech Therapy Services

Katie is the Director of Speech Services at PLTA. Katie’s core values include a curiosity for new learning, a desire to connect with others, and a love for having fun. Her bright affect and warm regard, paired with her natural leadership skills and love of teaching make her a wonderful director for our center.

Katie’s practice model embraces neurodiversity by honoring each client for who they are, promoting social emotional regulation, and making therapy fun and engaging. If a student is connected, regulated and engaged, they are available for learning and able to make tremendous gains in their speech and language.

Katie supervises our Speech Language Pathology Assistants (SLPAs), our Clinical Fellowship Speech Therapists (CFYs), and our graduate student interns. She also runs our Play Pals Junior parent toddler early intervention group.

Prior to joining the PLTA team, Katie worked in San Ramon Valley Unified School District and for Kaiser Foundation Rehabilitation Center. She loves helping families feel grounded and empowered as they learn about their communication differences. Her specialty is recognizing and honoring the unique communication style each child has and supporting functional communication.


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