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Growing Your Child's Life Skills through Play!


PLTA’s Occupational Therapy professionals are dedicated to helping your child reach their full potential!

Occupational Therapy, or OT for short, is focused on helping your child with participation in meaningful activities or “occupations” that promote connection with others, self-confidence and self-advocacy, and allow children to live their life to the fullest.

Occupational Therapists are highly trained healthcare professionals that address a multitude of areas including fine motor skills, bilateral coordination, visual motor integration, visual perceptual skills, self-care skills, sensory processing/integration, executive functioning skills, and gross motor skills.

Our play-based and child-centered occupational therapy services will help your child grow through play and connection, and provide parents with tools for continued support outside of therapy.

Our Frequently Asked Occupational Therapy Questions

OT helps support children reaching their full potential and allows children and families to participate in meaningful life activities without obstacles. The skills they learn with OT build confidence and intrinsic motivation, and support independence (whatever that may look like for your child). Our services also provide all family members with tools to support growth, connection, self-regulation/co-regulation.
While OT services are mainly geared towards children 0-18 years, we are passionate about early intervention (18 months-5 years). The majority of our center clients range from 3-9 years old, but we serve children and teens up to 18 years old.

OT at PLTA is fun! For fine and visual motor, we create activities with scissors, playdough, theraputty activities, and writing/coloring. For visual perception, we play with puzzles, matching, and sequencing activities. For gross motor and sensory motor your child will enjoy playing with custom obstacle courses with the balance beam, tunnel, swings, etc.

Our Occupational Therapy Team

Director of Occupational Therapy

I am a pediatric occupational therapist with a history of working in early intervention, school-based services, and most recently at a children’s hospital. I have a passion for working with children and their families and strongly believe that collaboration and trusting relationships build the foundation for learning and growth.

I have a background in Sensory Integration and an extensive background working with children on the autism spectrum and children with sensory processing differences.

I wholeheartedly support neurodiverse children and use a strength-based therapeutic approach. I have worked with children with complex medical histories and a variety of diagnoses, including seizure disorder, trisomy 21/down syndrome, cerebral palsy, TBI, SCI, ADD/ADHD, birth injuries, as well as a variety of rare syndromes.

I use a variety of interventions to create a treatment plan unique to your child’s needs. Additionally, I am a parent of two amazing kids, one on the autism spectrum, and the other with medically complex needs. I understand from a parent perspective as well as therapist perspective, the desire to support our children to reach their full potentials. I am thrilled to be part of the PLTA team!

I support neurodiverse children and their families and provide a strength-based approach with interventions. I strongly believe in building rapport and trust through meaningful relationships with children and their families.

Aside from being a parent to two extraordinary and resilient kiddos, with their own strengths and challenges, I also was born premature and have cerebral palsy, and have had my own therapy journey. I didn’t have OT services in TN, where I grew up, and I was terrified of my PTs, as it was not play-based or child-led at the time. This has led me to a focus on making sure kids are having fun during therapy, and that it is meaningful to them as individuals.

We are a teaching practice as well, meaning that I supervise/educate OT graduate students during their 12 week fieldwork internships. I have a strong desire to collaborate with other therapists and professionals to maximize what is in the best interest of the children and families we serve.

Also, as a side, I maintain memberships in state and national OT organizations and exceed my continuing education requirements as I feel it is important to always be learning and growing, including keeping up with best practice and current research.g


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