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We guide you along the path of your child’s unique developmental journey!

Your child is one of a kind! PLTA practices a family-focused holistic approach where our therapists in Speech, Behavior, and Occupational therapies work together to meet your child’s developmental milestones – all at the same center!

We create individualized treatment plans to support your child’s communication, social-emotional abilities, motor skills, and more.

PLTA also focuses on parent coaching, so you feel empowered & included!

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The path to your child’s success at a single location… The PLTA Center!


We offer a more interconnected approach to pediatric therapy that is easier on you and your child - at one center!

When your child has developmental delays, it can be stressful and overwhelming. There are a LOT of questions and you may be unsure of the next steps to getting your child into pediatric services.

At PLTA, we are committed to helping your family with therapy for your child, and coaching for you as well.

Typical therapy centers put a major focus on speech, but it’s not always the first step! Our goal is to understand what your child’s abilities are, and THEN create a plan that helps them be the most successful they can be.

Sometimes, behavioral needs get in the way of therapies and it’s best to work on your child’s social-emotional skills before starting speech or occupational sessions. Our holistic methodology is ideal for creating plans that put your child – not our center – in the forefront.

Here at PLTA we offer SLP, OT, ABA services for 5 and under, as well as an inclusive Preschool. All of these services are delivered at one location to make life easier for our families.

When your child attends a center where all disciplines are available, it allows for consistency and generalization to take place.

Having a cohesive therapy team is an imperative component to a child’s overall success and that’s what you’ll get with PLTA!

One primary advantage of having all services and the preschool in one setting is the opportunity for your child to learn, play, and practice new skills with other children.

Learn more about the Team and our philosophy on our About Us page!


Getting started with the PLTA Center is easy!

Step 1

You Schedule a Free Consult with our Team of Therapists

Step 2
You Share Your Child’s Abilities and Needs
Step 3
We Create a Plan of Action and Complete an Intake Process
Step 4
You Schedule the Recommended Therapies!

Testimonials from Caregivers

“Ms. Claire and her Team of Pediatric Language Therapy Associates are wonderful professionals. During the pandemic it was difficult to fInd a therapist for our son, but we found an amazing team to help our son who had speech difficulties. They were always very patient, friendly, funny and helpful. They improved our son’s skills. We are grateful and happy because our son can speak complete sentences and tell short stories.”

 Maryuri H.


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